Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ghost Hunting in County Durham, with Simply Ghost Nights

As the Simply Ghost Nights team attempted spirit communication, they were staggered and amazed at what they witnessed at this 17th century old Manor House.

Yorkshire, United Kingdom, June 07, 2011 --( On a recent ghost hunt to The Manor House Hotel, West Auckland, County Durham, the Simply Ghost Nights team experienced at first hand paranormal activity from the world of spirit that shook them to the core. The group consisted of eight participants waiting in earnest for the ghostly occupants of The Manor House Hotel to commence their spirit communication.

The history of the hotel is chequered to say the least, with numerous sightings of figures dressed in clothing from a time long gone, monks are said to haunt the hotel and spectral children are also seen on a regular basis by staff and hotel guests a like.

They commenced the paranormal investigation after turning all the lights off in the dining room to begin the seance, in this 17th century Manor House that was now converted into a hotel.

The group were all holding hands in a circle, with bated breath when Stuart called out, "Is anyone there?" The group of all women were all very uneasy, smiling innately at each other in the subdued torch light.

"Show yourself as a light," he called out again hoping for some light phenomena, "light up the chandelier," he asked, the chandelier hung from the ceiling like a huge stalactite. Then "Wow!" they all shouted as the chandelier lit up like a candle for only a couple of seconds.

There was no light entering the room at all, and no torch light could have made that whatsoever. They investigated every avenue of the light been in fact a normal incident but they actually had to come to the conclusion this had been in fact some sort of paranormal phenomena.

As a group they loved the light phenomena that the spirits of this old Manor house had provided that night. Stuart stated that he has witnessed this kind of activity with Simply Ghost Nights on a few occasion occasions, but when he as he still finds it amazing when he can witness this level of paranormal activity.

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